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The Clean Angling Coalition may be the only organized number of companies, agencies and organizations which are cooperating to advertise clean angling practices. Clean Angling is really a program from the Invasive Species Action Network a non-profit organization devoted to lowering the human-triggered spread of marine invasive species by marketing voluntary behavior change. The Clean Angling program was produced in 2007 and is constantly on the unify diverse partners in fighting against marine invasive species. There exist several assets open to Coalition people. These documents define the job from the Clean Angling Coalition. Please contact us for those who have any queries. In Spain, the many companies that support the environment and a healthy fishing and destruction of fish.


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Why Join the Clean Angling Coalition

The mission from the Clean Angling Coalition would be to promote voluntary cleaning practices and behavior change which involves everybody in cleaning. We want the aid of fishermen, angling companies and organizations to sign up in Inspect, Dry and clean practices. Which means that we use angling companies like fishing rod and wader companies, guides and outfitters, fly shops and everybody that likes you safeguarding our fishing assets. Inspect, Dry and clean each time.


Join In: Take The Pledge

All of the waters that we depend on to support our fishing and boating are being threatened by invasive species that have the potential to devastate natural habitats. These invaders are often inadvertently spread by anglers and boaters who are carrying unwanted hitchhikers to their favorite waters.

We must all take these simple actions to stop the spread of destructive invasive species:

  • INSPECT – carefully examine all of your equipment at the end of your trip to see if there are any visible signs of unwanted material attached. This includes any type of plant or mud. Remove anything visible.
  • CLEAN – use water to wash your equipment clean. High pressure water works great to remove anything that may be attached to your equipment. It’s ok to clean with water from the river or lake where you have been fishing or boating from because you will leave behind invasive species that you may have picked up. However, never clean your equipment at your put-in spot since you can easily be cleaning off hitchhikers that have been with you since your last trip. If you cannot clean before you leave a site, then make sure to clean at home where there is no chance that an invader can reach the water.
  • DRY – a thorough drying of your equipment will kill any live invaders you may have picked up. Make sure that every bit of hidden moisture is gone.

Take the Pledge

Fill out the form to the left and pledge to inspect, clean, and dry your gear after each use. By taking the pledge, you join a group of dedicated anglers working to keep our waters safe! Plus, you will automatically be eligible for a free subscription to the Clean Angling News, a monthly electronic newsletter that keeps you up to date on invasive species news of interest to anglers. To receive your subscription, you must reply to the email that will be sent to you automatically after pledging.